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Tag Management Systems (TMS)

The experts agree, Tag Management Systems are the way forward in 2016, and their use is considered a best practice.  Our State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 500 Online Retailers report summarized the use of Tag Management Systems (TMS) in ecommerce, our panel discussion had spirited conversations about why some organizations have not adopted a TMS yet while others have deployed more than one, and now you can register for our webinar to learn practical information about deploying a TMS and hear real-world views on the benefits of tag management.

Tag Management Systems (TMS)
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Join us on Thursday, March 31st at 10 A.M. Pacific / 1 P.M. Eastern for a lively session on why tag management systems are a not-so-secret weapon to achieving marketing goals. Mia Vallo, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics and Optimization, National Geographic will join Nick Iyengar, Cardinal Path’s Associate Director of Digital Intelligence to discuss the current TMS vendor landscape, to provide tips on how to move forward on a TMS implementation from vendor selection to deployment, and to provide an overview of the technical and business considerations you need to be aware of as you map out a TMS deployment for your organization.

Our webinars always end with a Q&A session, so think of any TMS-related questions you have for our experts and register for the webinar today!


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