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When you come up with a web design or marketing concept, how do you know if it's any good? You're too close to it to be impartial.

You can ask your friends and coworkers. But they're probably too close to it too. Plus, they might try to spare your feelings and not tell you that your concept is obviously flawed.

Web design and concept development can be a lonely business. Especially for small to medium-sized concerns. Wouldn't it be great if you could get impartial opinions and advice from outside design professionals?

Sign up at, and you can get just such feedback. And it doesn't cost a dime. is an incredible resource for web marketers and designers. You simply post your concept, and members of the community will review it and provide their feedback. You can use this free service to get feedback on:

  • Web designs
  • Logos
  • Advertisements
  • Landing pages
  • Videos and flash presentations

Take a look through previously-posted feedback and you'll see it runs the entire gamut. Some members focus on the big picture: first impressions and overall concept validity. Some will point out usability issues. Others will nitpick about fonts, gradients, drop shadows, colors and the precise alignment of elements. And that's great, because all these things are important.

Naturally, you won't agree with the all feedback you receive. Some members might not understand your target group, or just won't “get it”. Also, there will occasionally be a pile-on effect, where one prominent member makes a comment, and there follows an inevitable series of “me too” posts. But you're bound to get at least a few helpful suggestions to make your concept more effective. Also, each member has a reputation score, to help you decide whose opinion to trust.

One potential downside: If you have a truly groundbreaking concept, posting it publicly could allow someone to steal it before you've even had a chance to launch. But we tend to overestimate the likelihood of such things. And in most cases this won't be an issue.

I highly recommend Not only can you get valuable advice for free, but it's a great place to network, learn and get inspired.