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There has been a lot of discussion about web 2.0 and how businesses should use it to save money or make more money. I know, lots of you have been saying – a blog, why do I need a blog?

Well web 2.0 is a lot bigger then just blogging; it is the social landscape of the web. It's interacting with people that are interested in the same topic as you, but doing it in a public forum.

Let's give a couple of examples.

1) The VKI Studios blog – I write a post, you do a search or are subscribed to our blog and read my post. You think sure, but what about this piece of evidence. A web 2.0 application allows you to comment on my point of view. Maybe, I comment back and a third person joins in, what we have is an open discussion in real time.

2) Ecommerce – I own a hypothetical online store selling xyz, my old online store had static testimonials (only the best ones of course), my new online store has a field where anybody can comment on the product in real time. That's web 2.0. Which store do you trust more?

Basically web 2.0 allows you to publish your thoughts or ideas to random websites in real time. It's great, and it's powerful.

Check out this cool example of a web 2.0 applications.
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