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Lots of news on the gaming front with E3 on right now, but surprisingly little elsewhere. Hopefully that will change with SMX is coming up.

This week we have Google Wave, Microsoft Bing, Apple vs. Microsoft on usability, how to make a great website, and statistics telling that the kids these days, they just don’t use the twitter.

And while I have your attention here is a totally random plug for our facebook page. Sign up, follow us, have fun.

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 Internet Marketing and SEO


  • A two parter this week from Nettuts on how to design and code a website from scratch.Part 1 Part 2

 Web Analytics

 Web Usability

 Miscellaneous links of the week:

  • For the month of June, Microsoft has released Bing! And it does… well, it does what Google does. In fact, I can’t really see a reason to switch other than the more colorful interface (and the preview panes).
  • And just to steal some of MS’s thunder: Google announces Wave. Not sure what’s so exciting about this either, since


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