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Its a great day for the WASP development team:<Stéphane Hamel – WASP Father and Director of Innovation, Patrick Denny – Lead Bug Zapper and Developer, and Alex Langshur – Senior Harvester and Partner.

Today we present to you WASP for Chrome v1.0.

This is a major event in WASP development history, and marks a key milestone as we transition to Chrome as our primary platform going forward.

The summer 2013 release of the Chrome beta version was an instant hit with the user community and has already been installed by over 2,000 users. Plus, the classic WASP for Firefox is trusted by nearly 4,000 users, making it the undisputed industry leader in quality assurance testing for analytics tagging.

Many of our users provided suggestions and recommendations that we incorporated into the v1.0.Chrome beta, along with other revolutionary approaches to make your debugging and auditing work more intuitive and, ultimately, simpler and faster.

We’ve evolved the tool to include:

    • Auto detect: We’re super stoked about our patent-pending revolutionary new algorithm, which auto-detects every type of tag under the sun.  It’s robust, accurate and amazing.
    • Friendly names”: Seeing “dt” is being sent to Google Analytics is one thing, knowing “dt” stands for “document title” under the new Google Analytics Measurement protocol is much more valuable – we decode and make clear exactly what information is being sent – that’s what our “friendly names” do for you;
    • Eye-candy visualizations: We’ve put significant effort into our new visualizations which show the relationships between all tags, regardless of the complexity of the underlying instrumentation;
  • Role-based views: Implementation specialists see all the complex detail they need to do the work they do, and with a simple click on a tab, analysts get a more streamlined, higher-level perspective that focuses on the aspects that matter more to them.  A major time saver!
  • Easy find: A new feature that enables you to rapidly locate and isolate exactly the item you are looking for;
  • Tag-blocking: A new built-in ability to block tags or redirect scripts for advanced quality assurance;

As always, WASP v1.0 for Chrome is freely available from

Enjoy — and please give us your feedback, we’re always listening to you, our users, for ideas on how to make WASP even better.

Follow our new G+ Page where we will share WASP bytes: short & handy tips to make your debugging life easier.


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