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A pageview is when a visitor views a page of your site causing the page to be loaded by the browser. A single visitor can have multiple pageviews. In addition, if a visitor reloads a page or leaves a page and returns those will be counted as additional pageviews. From an Analytics standpoint a pageview is logged each time the tracking code is executed. The Visitor Trending section of the menu on the left of your Google Analytics screen contains the Pageviews report.

The Pageview report is pretty straight forward. As with other reports, you can compare the data to previous time periods; view it by hour, day, week or month; and e-mail or export it to share with others in your organization.


In the example above we can see that for the time period selected (Nov 9, 2008 – Nov 15, 2008) 468,456 pages of our site were viewed. This doesn’t tell us much about which pages are being viewed or how many pages each visitor views on average. But some insights can still be found. The graph indicates that mid-week tends to see higher pageviews. Is this significant to our site or our business? More analysis and data is probably needed, but pageviews is another report available to help improve your users’ experiences on your site.

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