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I wish I had brought a camera to work with me so that I could give you all a picture out our window. The rain is epic, the once dry roof across the way is now a lake threatening to spill over its boundaries, the streets look like they’re about to gush forth with water, and the sky is desaturating everything under it.

In other words, it’s a classic Vancouver winter day.

Quite a selection this week from the usual suspects. We’ve got not one, but two guides to video SEO, PHP and WordPress, and more.

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  User Experience
  • The GWO blog has a great post on combining DoubleClick Ad Planner with GWO to produce targeted tests. Really, this is more a post on competitive intelligence, and how to use that to determine your testing criteria/options.
  • 90% of Everything has another post on building cheap smart phone usability testing sleds. This is a very interesting idea, but in looking at the final setup I started wondering how these sleds are going to affect user behavior. For instance, in the picture the user is obviously struggling with wires, they have to hold the device differently than most would, etc. Now granted this is for testing software, not hardware, so form might not matter as much, but it’s interesting to think how this kind of atmosphere may change user behavior.
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