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Man, last week was quiet. A short roundup this week, with 10 must have WordPress plugins, discussion of press releases and spammy link practices, discussion of Twitter analytics, and just a touch of UX advocacy. Read on…


  • We start the week with a useful post for any other WordPress bloggers out there: 10 must have WordPress Plugins for the Modern Blogger.


  • There’s some talk on Linkbuildr about whether PRWeb counts as a spammy link practice. There’s also some conversation between Matt Cuts and Amit Singhal about what c0unts as good practice with press releases. A bit of a weird once, since I know PRWeb, etc. all charge extra for turning text into links, which seems oddly like selling links.
  • Next up, Bronto Blog on ways to increase daily deal revenue through lifecycle messages. Interesting since the number of daily deal services seems to be increasing.



  • Techcrunch has a UX advocacy post that I thought was pretty interesting, talking about how “amazing design” wont get you as far as usable design, and how several companies have taken over their market space by just making their core action easier to perform than their competitors.

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