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With the addition of Enhanced campaigns comes an added feature in Google Offer Extensions. If you own a physical store, this is a tool you can use to help push some extra foot traffic your way.

Google Offer Extensions gives you the ability to present visitors a coupon which they can then print out and redeem at your physical location. How it works is the Offer Extension shows alongside your ad when Google thinks that it’s highly relevant (essentially when you have a high quality score). When a user clicks on the link, it then takes them to a Google hosted landing page where they can then print out the coupon or save it for later use. You’ll still have to pay for these clicks (charged at the same rate as a normal click), but as with other extensions, it can help your ad stand out from the crowd.

AdWords Offer Extensions 1

This feature may not be useful for every advertiser, but for some, they may see it as quite handy. As an example, if you own a restaurant, you might try to utilize the extension by adding a coupon for a free appetizer with the purchase of an entrée. Perhaps you own an oil change business; you can add a coupon for a certain percentage off service. If you’re a florist, you may try offering a discount for walk-in business.

AdWords Offer Extensions 2

If this feature sounds like something your store might benefit from, then it’s worth a test.

With any changes you make in your account, it’s always important to track performance and AdWords allows you to do this. Measure metrics such as clicks, number of coupons printed and number of coupons saved. Because these coupons are being brought in to a physical location, you can also keep track of offers actually redeemed.


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