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E-Nor’s Principal Consultant, Feras Alhlou, has been hard at work not only providing our clients with top-notch analytics consulting, but also sharing his wealth of digital marketing and data knowledge with others in the world of business. This week, his article “The Advantages of a User-Centric Approach on Google (Universal) Analytics
Measuring Across Devices and Platforms
” was published by our friend Daniel Waisberg at

In this piece, Feras touches on the importance of one-to-one marketing in order to create that personalized approach with customers that we all try hard to achieve. Having the ability to understand how customers engage with content across various devices, platforms, etc. is important. According to Feras, the key is to bring all customer data to complete the 360 customer view by implementing and utilizing a user-centric analytics strategy (and leveraging Google’s Universal Analytics). By doing this, you can tell a lot, not only about your visitors, but about providing more in-depth information on their habits, behavior and lifetime value.

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The article highlights four scenarios of creating a user-centric environment:

  • Developing unique customer IDs to identify customers across multiple browsers
  • Stitching analytic data together across mobile devices, tablets and desktops
  • Watch buying cycle stages
  • Bring offline behavioral data (from traditional media, etc.) and online measurement for complete 360 degree view

We hope you take a few minutes to read through the article, find it beneficial, and are able to make that connection your marketing and visitors. Happy reading!

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