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”We always suspected that online was driving a larger portion of sales, now we have a feel for exactly how much”, Randy Klodz, Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Cellular.

Cardinal Path client U.S. Cellular was invited to share their story about how they used BigQuery to demonstrate the true impact of digital on online and offline channels at the Google Atmosphere event this week.

Atmosphere, Google’s first virtual event of this kind –  and the largest Google Hangout ever – had over 20,000 participants and several tracks featuring Google news and highlighting the work done by people using some of Google’s most cutting-edge tools.

Session moderator Jill Bennett from Elevator Speech, referred to Cardinal Path as ‘analytics ninjas’. Check out this clip of Randy Klodz, Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Cellular speaking in the Art & Science of Delighting Customers track.

Google Atmosphere for Work Live Video

If you’d like to read more about the work U.S. Cellular has been doing with Google BigQuery, check out their case study.

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