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Ever wonder if your Google Analytics implementation was recording hits, events, pageview requests, custom dimensions, conversion pixels, etc., the way you meant it to? Ever wish you could debug it at the page interaction level and see exactly what is being sent to Google Analytics?

If you’ve invested in Google Analytics, then you’ve done the right thing – it’s a strong tool that will give you the data and insights to help you understand exactly what’s happening on your site, measure the ROI, and optimize as necessary…assuming it’s implemented correctly!

As consultants, here’s a little trick we use to really do surgery on GA and make sure our clients are measuring everything properly.

Google Tag Assistant is an awesome Chrome extension that helps you troubleshoot your Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager implementation. You can actually record the interactions on the page and get a detailed log of tag activity and Google Analytics hits/errors.

Tag Assistant works great for both standard Google Analytics products as well as Google Analytics 360 Suite products.

Check out our in-depth demo video done by Analytics Consultant Tara Dunn.

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