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Have you ever searched Google for a news story just to be directed to a login or registration page? Sure, we all have. Most of us click back and move on to the next listing.

The truth is that major news portals want Google to rank their stories so they can boost their registered / paying membership. They allow Google bot free access to the full news story so all of the content is indexed and will turn up when you do a specific search. It's a pretty slick way to generate new members.

Fortunately for us, there is a loop hole. Whenever you find yourself staring at a login page after doing a Google search, consider clicking back to the Google listing and viewing the cached version of the page. If Google bot can index the content and you can't view it live, it usually means that there is a copy you can read stored in Google's cache. Simple click the Google link to the cached version and voila you can read the entire story free of charge.


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