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Get it at: ‘The Complete Google Analytics Power User Guide’!

You asked for it. We’ve provided it. I’ve compiled the Google Analytics Power User Guide into a PDF (not real pretty, I had to format it in MS Word *shudder*) that you can download and keep on your very own desktop!

As a warning, the videos are not embedded in the file (because, lets face it, you don’t want a 400 meg PDF) and instead stream from Youtube and Screencast, so you will need an internet connection to see them.

Also, I’m afraid this is the first PDF I’ve put together in such a way and so there may be problems. If anything doesn’t work, or you have a friendly word of advice, leave us a comment, hit me up on twitter (@OrdinaryChap) leave us a comment on Facebook, or just email us.

And in the mean time, check the Complete Power User Guide for the PDF

edit: Well well, it seems the acrobat video plugin doesn’t support Vista. Sorry to our Vista users. You can find all of our videos in the original post.


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