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It’s almost Halloween, which means that it’s almost time to find a new image for the roundup. And as always, with Halloween comes the rain, loads and loads of it.

This week we have a bunch of posts from around the web, including John Mu on how Google may change your title tags, adage on in-video ads, Michael Gray on conditionally changing content based on traffic intent, and James Kobielus on using analytics to tell who has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • John Mu over at Google Webmaster Help has admitted something interesting: it ends up that Google may change your title in the search results if it finds it lacking.
  • Adage reports that a new study by “the CW Network” shows that users watched 95% of commercials that accompanied streaming content. This is all good and fine, but lets face it: this data isn’t that useful. Why are people watching it? Are they going to be favourable toward it? Why is it that as we move more and more towards interactive, targeted marketing, these big advertising groups are still spending boatloads of cash on implementing last-generation marketing tactics?
  Web Analytics
  User Experience
  Miscellaneous links of the week:



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