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Quiet week for tech news last week. Lots of rumbling over the same few issues, some cool reforms in American copyright law, but nothing that relevant to us. Still some cool posts from around the net.

This week we’ve got Facebook’s ranking algorithm, SVG graphics, and more actionable analytics.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • We start the week off with details of Facebook’s Edgerank; it’s formula for suggesting content to users. Edgerank combines an “affinity score”, “weight score” and a “recency score” to determine what to show to each user. Interesting, but not the great reveal that Teach to Fish Digital claims. This is a loose and undefined series of variables multiplied, hardly a great reveal.
  • SEORoundtable reports on a co-claim between Matt Cutts and John Mu, who admit that in cases of hacked sites and spam, Google may hand edit search results.
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