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When  Unbounce, the world’s simplest landing page builder for marketers and advertisers, announced their Call To Action Conference, they asked their all-star lineup of speakers to share their thoughts on why every marketer should care about conversion – and how they’ve applied the insights they’ve gleaned from testing to the rest of their marketing mix.

Now that we’re on the same page about why conversion rate optimization is worth your while and what experts are doing to optimize their campaigns with data-driven insight, get ready to soak in some conversion wisdom from Dave Booth, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant at Cardinal Path.

David Booth (Cardinal Path) – Successful marketers are strategic about how they handle data


Dave Booth, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant at Cardinal Path
Dave Booth, Founding Partner and Principal Consultant at Cardinal Path

David Booth
 is the definition of a renaissance man when it comes to web analytics, statistical analysis, testing and search marketing. Founding Partner and Principal Consultant at Cardinal Path, he is also an author, instructor and public speaker.

When Dave “sat down” virtually with Unbounce to share his thoughts and insights about what makes marketers successful at conversion rate optimization and shared the top three reasons organizations succeed at CRO (in his experience):

1. They get the data right

“Data is the life-blood of business and data-driven decision-making can lead to tremendous success. The question is: Are your decisions based on reliable data? How can you be sure the data integrity that will impact major business decisions and affect the business?

The tools available to today’s marketers are sophisticated and complex. They can collect and report amazing data, but only if you’ve instrumented them correctly. If you’re hearing “but I don’t really trust the data” as you walk your halls, you’ve got work to do in this area!”

2. They start thinking about user segments

“When landing page and online conversion testing gained popularity, too often tests were simply run against an entire population of website visitors — bench-marking against a vast and general audience. The truth is, different people are coming to different pages for different reasons at different steps in the path to purchase.

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t breed success. Targeted marketing strategies can greatly improve conversion rates and quality of leads. When you combine intelligent segmentation with the testing and personalization strategies, you’ll see some incredible results.”

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3. They think about the context of the data

“Begin with the end in mind. Looking at a single optimization goal in a vacuum, with no context, can certainly provide a simple approach and some easy-to-interpret results from testing. However, without the greater context, the results are proven at the expense of your true business objectives. If you’re using segments, then create your hypotheses within the context of who you’re targeting and what business objective you’re trying to improve.”


Cardinal Path joined forces with show sponsors Wistia, Moz, Uberflip and Unbounce to send 14 hardworking, enthusiastic and hopeful marketers to Unbounce’s Call To Action Conference on Friday, September 12th. The individuals had to create and publish a landing page (in Unbounce) and tell us why they wanted to attend the event. There were a lot of submissions to choose from but Cardinal Path has selected the following 3 winners:

1. Charlene McMurtrie @charlenemcm

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2. Meisha Bochicchio @MarketingMeisha

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3. Dylan Chernick @DylanChernick

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Congratulations to the winners!

*Winners of free conference passes are responsible for their own travel and accommodation if required.