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No shortness of excitement this week. Hockey, royal wedding, Stephen Hamel joining us and… I feel like there was something else… oh right, the death of Osama Bin Laden. With all this excitement it’s amazing anyone is still writing about the internet, yet this week we have posts on building a shopping cart, social media, and cognitive biases all ready for you to interrupt your TV watching and learn something.


  • Our friends over at Get Elastic have a great post on building your shopping cart. Specifically, they have a 16 point checklist of things to make sure you’ve implemented before you launch.
  • Next up, Smashing Mag has a guide to user-centered design for mobile devices. What I really love about this is that their first point is “Do you really need a mobile website?”


  • Logic and Emotion has a post on Bin Laden’s death and what this teaches us about social media.   However, I want to give serious credit to these guys for mentioning validation and how media has become shared across multiple spheres, with a lot of mainstream media still playing a crucial roll.
  • Enor has an interesting post on social media, comparing it to farmers markets. What bothers me about this post is that – while it’s not wrong persay – it reflects this incomplete view of social media that our industry seems to progress, acting as if it’s some kind of new thing, and not just a minor change on what we already had. This saccharine view of social media remembers the pre-2005 internet as the 2 year dotcom bubble of single purpose webpages and advertisements, forgetting the forums, the chatrooms, the user submitted content sites. It’s not that behavior has changed so much as the market/audience online has grown. That said, the rest of their article is right on, explaining how to target and optimize a social media campaign.




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