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The final option available for sharing reports through Google Analytics is to email them. This can be done from within any of the reports with a simple click of a button and a few steps to set things up. As with most everything in GA, you have several options for emailing your reports; send it now, schedule it for future or repeated emailing or add it to an email you already have set up.

To access any of these options start by clicking the email button at the top of the report you wish to send.


Send Now:

Click the Email button then complete the information on the “Send Now” tab.
Send to others: Who do you want this report to go to? Fill in the recipients separated by commas. If you want to receive a copy be sure to select the “send to me” box.
Subject: Give the email a name so people are sure to open it and read the reports.
Description: Not required, but it gives your recipients an idea of what they are getting.
Format: Select from PDF, XML, CSV or TSV. The report will be in an attachment in the format you select.
Word verification: Need to make sure you are human.
Send: Click on the send button and you are done.



Click the Email button then complete the information on the “Schedule” tab.
The steps are the same as the Send Now option above up through the format step.
After that you have the option to select your date range and emailing schedule. If you want to include a date comparison check the box. Then click the schedule button.


Add to Existing:

Once you have set up one or more scheduled reports you can then add more reports through the Add to Existing tab. Check the email you would like to add the new report to and click the Add Report button.


Deleting or Changing Scheduled Reports:

If you no longer need a scheduled report to be sent out or need to change a report removing or changing it is simple. From the Settings menu on the left select the email option.


From this screen you can manage scheduled emails. Click on the email name to change it or on the trash can icon to the right to delete it.


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