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Big news of last week was the release on the NDA for Google Analytics recent test feature: multi-channel funnels. In essence, multi-touch attribution for goals, watching how multiple different entrance sources affected buying decisions. Pretty rad stuff.

This week we have some fancy server header infographics, link building strategies, said multi-channel funnels, and more.



  • Linkbuildr has some great ways to mix up your link building strategy. They advise mixing up press release strategies, job boards, coupons, and more.
  • Well look at this, and SEO by the Sea post that isn’t on patents. And it’s damn good too. Slawski discusses the role of query breadth in modern SEO and how score measuring systems in modern(ish) Google patents evidence the roles previously executed searches. Pretty rad stuff and well worth the read.


  • Over at Analytics Talk, Cutroni has a post on the new Multi-Channel Funnels, aka the introduction of multi-touch attribution in Google Analytics.
  • I have to admit, I’ve been pretty impressed with L3 Analytics these days. Their latest post supports this by providing a pretty awesome set of Web Analytics use cases for real estate agencies. Amidst their advice, analyze: property search queries and type;  types of property information; contact methods; and more.
  • Logic + Emotion has the ROI of Your Mom. Ok, that’s not how they phrase it, but mine sounds better. Actually the post has nothing to do with analyzing the value of ones mother (which makes me question the titles role as anything but shock value) and rather focuses on measuring social media campaigns.