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So much news this week that doesn’t fit into the roundup. Stuff not talked about this week: Google buys ITA (say hello to Google Travel), ICANN approves Chinese domains, there’s a new Opera release, and 4chan pics on Justin Bieber again and again and again.

This week we have content strategies for SEO, diagnosing lost traffic, wordpress security and more.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • So we wrote about content management systems, and Huo Mah is writing about content strategies. Specifically, how the “content is king” maxim does not preclude search engine marketing.
  • Next up we have (dastardly SEOs and their URLs) with 9 steps to diagnosing lost search engine traffic. This is a great set of information, and may become the foundation for an analytics blog post from yours truly.
  • You using WordPress? Smashing has 10 WordPress security tweaks to make sure that no do-no-gooders can infiltrate your blog and, I dunno, redirect your visitors to affiliate pages or something.
  • Perishable Press has How to Micro-Optimize Your CSS. Most of this seems basic, but there are some good tips.
  Web Analytics
  • Dave F. and I were discussing this the other day: seeing various conversion metrics by landing page isn’t something that GA has in its default reports, even though it seems like such an important one. LunaMetrics has a post on how to find this info using custom reports and advanced segments.
  • ROI revolution has a post on Googles new asynchronous tracking code, and how to convert your implementation to use this.
  User Experience
  • Click Equation’s newest post is on best practices for text ad testing, providing advice for resolving low CTR, and setup issues.
  • The interwebs have contributed a fairly cool slide share by Liam Friedland and Jon Innes on Repositioning User Experience as a Strategic process.
  Miscellaneous links of the week:


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