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An SEO strategy only works if you can move forward with it. Working with large corporate clients is a much different entity then working with start-ups or mid sized businesses. The number of people involved grows substantially. From the marketing teams, to web development to upper management everyone has different ideas and approaches. There needs to be a clear line of communication between each person involved to make sure that your SEO strategy is a success.

A key point to remember is that everyone involved in the project will have different levels of SEO knowledge. Many may be much more familiar with more traditional marketing channels. So, even though SEO is an important part of marketing, there can still be some hesitation pushing it forward. To be able to communicate the importance of implementing, or the affects of not implementing SEO initiatives are crucial. You want to make sure that everyone from upper management to development is on the same page. If everyone understands what you’re trying to accomplish it’s much easier to get the go-ahead with your strategy and make things move quickly.

You’ll also want to make sure that there is clear communication for any new projects on the horizon. Often SEO can be seen as an afterthought where you get involved once a project has already been built. Large companies will have all sorts of new projects on the go, so you will want to be involved with them as early in the planning process as possible. Remember, marketing and development teams priorities probably won’t be thinking of how to make things search friendly or watching for potential duplicate content problems. If SEO is left until the very end of the project you might be spending double the time trying to fix issues which could have been prevented.

Communication of your SEO strategy to is almost as important as the SEO strategy itself. By getting everyone to understand what you’re trying to do you will have a much higher chance of success.


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