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Our team of Canadian SEM’s and notable SEO firms is working hard to get on the map, and to get the SEMPO word out to Canadian firms and individuals.

It’s strange but many Canadian companies are not investing in search marketing the same way UK and American companies are. From my experience the sales cycle is longer, Canadian firms are more reluctant, and less willing to invest the time and resources to understand the ROI metrics that drive search and online advertising.

Internet marketing makes sense – why? Well because once you get your program setup properly you can track every campaign to the cent. If the business owner wants to login and find out how their banner ad on is doing at 5am – they can. Not only can we report on impressions, clicks, spend, content, but the tools we use today report sales, ROI, margin, performance and more.

So don’t miss this opportunity, if you don’t understand how it works, or how you can make money using the Internet, it’s time to learn. The Canadian arm of SEMPO includes some of the brightest stars in SEM/SEO internationally. Heck even the President of is Canadain. It sounds funny, but here we all are on a conference call talking about our American customers and wondering why so few Canadian firms get it. Please take advantage of our expertise, get involved, participate, and learn. SEMPO Canada is here for you.

Visit the website to learn more or Cantact me at VKI Studios


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