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Google announced that within the next few days, it will begin including ads on the Google Mobile Search pages as an extension to its Adwords program. Google is promoting this new service to its advertisers on the premise that it will help advertisers reach additional qualified customers. The ads will be displayed to users searching Google on their cell phones free of charge until November 18th, 2007. Beginning November 19th, however, Google will begin charging its advertisers for clicks on the mobile ads unless you tell them otherwise. The trial period is available to all Adwords account holders, which will allow them time to experiment with the mobile platform by reaching actual qualified customers. We highly suggest that you take an extra close look at your Adwords metrics to see just how profitable these ads are for your business and then make an informed, data-driven decision on how to proceed with your campaigns come November 19th. If you’re taking advantage of our Google Adwords management services, rest assured we’ll be doing this with your accounts. Google is using this opt-out approach versus an opt-in approach, making this an opportune time to review your Adwords accounts. All Adwords account holders should review their ads campaigns to ensure that the campaigns not benefiting from the new mobile ads are excluded from that network. Additionally, if you plan to use mobile results then you should ensure that your ads are targeted towards mobile users. Adwords account holders should also be advised that their mobile ads should reflect a landing page that can viewed in a mobile browser. Google is reporting that they have seen an upward trend in mobile usage this past summer, making this an opportune time for Adwords account holders to reach a new section of potential consumers. As wireless internet becomes more widespread and mobile devices (such as the Apple iPhone) become more user-friendly for the internet, this is going to be an exciting area to watch.


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