Google continues to improve Adwords by giving advertisers more options to better target customers. One of these options is the Remarketing feature available through the Content Network. If you’re unfamiliar with this relatively new feature, it allows you to reach out to users who have previously visited your website. As an advertiser, this gives you the ability to show specialized ads which better speaks to what your visitor has previously been researching.

An example of using remarketing would be if you had a vacation package website that specializes in trips to California. By placing a piece of code on your site, you are able to target people who have visited a particular page and present them with a specialized offer on the Content Network. So if someone previously visited the ‘Palm Springs Golf Vacations’ page, you can show them a specific Palm Springs Golf Vacation ad and perhaps offer them a promotion to entice. (ex. free round of golf). In addition to that you can use specialized landing pages for these remarketed visitors.

Using remarketing can be effective in helping engage customers who originally came to your website while still in the research phase or dropped off in the purchase funnel. If your websites has a large volume of traffic, then it’s definitely worth testing. You may not have been able to receive a conversion in your first attempt, but with a second try you might have a better chance at success.