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In the comments for my last regex post I was asked if I knew how to build a rule for multi channel funnels that would restrict results only to those which visit from a non-branded keyword, then return through anything but a non-branded keyword.


I have been trying to build a conversion segment for MCF with conversion path as-
* First interaction is a non-brand organic visit* All other touch points are any channel, but if they are PPC/Organic, they -must- be brand terms
However we have not been able to find a regular expression set up to achieve this configuration, would it possible to do so using the information from the above post?

Any Help – much appreciated

What a great idea! I set out to produce something that would fulfil this request, and in so doing took my first dive into multi channel funnels. My god they are cool.

1. Set up a custom conversion path

First thing you need to do is construct a custom conversion path.To do this, go into multi-channel funnels and click “channel groupings” and create a custom channel grouping.

Creating a Custom grouping

2. Add a rule that groups all non-branded organic searches.

Pretty basic, much like building an advanced segment.

Building a non-branded organic segment

3. Add a rule that groups branded keywords with anything containing direct, email, or referral.

This is a little more tricky. You need to combine two rules, one which includes the brand keywords OR excludes CPC|Organic Search (might also want to go through your results and see what else comes in via a keyword).

4. Filter

Now you just need to filter out anything that isnt in those two groupings. This is where regex comes in handy. After a little experimenting I came up with ^Non-branded organic>(Branded search or other>?)+$

I use the >? to make an optional greater than, giving it the ability to be Non-branded > branded > branded etc.  Then maybe add a secondary dimension and tada:

I especially like when you add “Keyword (or Source/Medium) Path” as your secondary dimension, since it gives you both the keywords that people entered from and lists their mediums for non search/advertising traffic.

And there you have it. It’s amazing what you can do with some regex rules and multi-channel funnels. For an added bonus, mess around a bit with secondary dimensions and your inline filter.