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Then, just like that, the posts stop. Suddenly all is quiet and in the distance apiece of spam goes tumbling across the internet wastes, caught in the wind of information flow. What a quiet week on my blog roll.

This week we do have a full 8 posts, however, including information on RegEx, video in email, Path analysis in GA, and more…


  • We’ll start the week with a post of our own. Oh my own, in fact. A beginners guide to RegEx, and the start of a series of ours on ways to use RegEx.
  • Smashingmag hasn’t been included in the roundup for a while, but this week they have a pretty cool post on creating tabs within the WP admin. The kind of thing I should really learn…


  • Two posts on email today. First off, how you can incorporate videos in email marketing. The short answer is “you don’t”. Most video formats are not supported in email, and the solution is either animated GIF files (and even then support is limited) or static images linking to a video. There is some promise that HTML5 might be at some point, but seeing how even basic CSS has limited support right now… well…
  • Microsoft is declaring war on “greymail”, or those newsletters you get that you don’t really want but that you did sign up for. Honestly, some of their ideas are pretty good, such as having a specific “newsletter” folder, and having scheduled cleanups of old newsletters.



  • Bokardo has an interesting post on “why you should bury your sign up button“. Really it’s on how making a process simpler doesn’t always improve conversions, and how the TEP-C (not that he uses that language) principles come into play.
  • Oooh lala, 7 blog design tips from a content strategist. I like that most of this was my commentary on this current blog when I took over (and maybe you’ll see some of that implemented soon?).


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