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Last week we discussed understanding your audience. This week we’re going to take a look at how to target your audience based on geolocation, Day & Time, and referring sites.

Geo-Targeting Research

Understanding where your visitors are coming from geographically can be important for a number of reasons. The first step is to understand which regions your traffic is coming from along with which regions tend to convert the most. This information can then be used to create specific campaigns for these regions. Determine the budget which should be allocated towards each area, determine whether you should set a higher or lower Cost-Per-Click, and consider writing specific ad text and landing pages for the regions.

Geo-Targeting to understand where your traffic is and isn’t coming from

  • Consider specific geo-targeted campaigns
    • Understand keywords and revenue created within regions
    • Use information to enhance ad text / landing page
    • Use information to set CPC for each region
    • Use information to determine budget allocation

Day/Time Parting Research

By understanding which days of the week are the websites top converting you can use Ad Scheduling to your advantage. If you notice that more people are doing research on the weekdays and tend to convert better on the weekend then you can adjust your ad scheduling accordingly.

1. Day Parting Research

2. Time Parting Research


  • Setup custom segments for parts of day you would like to analyze



  • Apply these custom segments to reports


Referring Sites

Do you have plans on targeting the display network? Review the websites which are currently driving traffic to your website and find out if they are using AdSense. If they are, you may want to think about using Managed Plancements inside of AdWords to target these sites. If you find that particular sites have a high potential to generate sales then you may want to think about increasing the Cost-Per-Click for these pages.