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A Tuesday roundup? Yes, I am afraid that Monday was Thanksgiving here in the great grey North, and as such no one was around. There’s also an odd lack of posts this week, with nothing new on the Analytics front.

This week we have tips on PPC, information architecture, HTML5 canvas, and more.

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  User Experience
  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • I Love Typography (and who doesn’t? Oh, right…)  has a huge – and very readable – history of the creation of the font Acorde. For those of you who know little about font design it gives a nice look into just how much effort goes into making a good typeface.
  • Did any one else read Gladwell’s article about revolution, and why there will never be a Twitter revolution? Well, Biz Stone replies, and, well… its a good response. This whole conversation has been really good. As a recap: Gladwell, in response (at least partially) to the bogus “Twitter revolution” in Iran, and more to the point the “technological revolution”, writes that  the activism required for true revolution requires stronger relationships than the “weak” relationships you build with people like Twitter followers. Biz Stone responds saying that these technologies can, and will, be used as a complementary to other movements. What neither of them mention is one of the stronger examples of online activism going on right now between the MPAA and Anonymous, involving mass scale organized DDOS attacks. Slightly more active than Gladwell gives credit for, and doesn’t rely on the same “strong relationships”, but at the same time… well… it doesn’t use Twitter at all.



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