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Writing good quality landing pages is the most important thing that you can do to save a bundle on the management of pay-per-click Google AdWords advertising campaigns, while driving thousands of satisfied customers to your website. But, if running Google AdWords is that easy, then why do so many businesses  doctors, lawyers and realtors – make these 3 critical mistakes?

1. Linking to the Wrong Page on the Website. Many businesses ask us to assist them with lowering their advertising costs since they spend up to $6.00 US per click on Google AdWords due to a poor quality score. By simply, pointing their ad to a unique webpage other than the homepage, customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Remember that online, you have only seconds to satisfy that impatient customer.

2.Using the Wrong Keywords and Ad Text. To sell real estate in Seattle, a realtor with a well established history of selling real estate in Las Vegas decides to simply add the keywords words “Seattle Real Estate” and “Seattle Homes” to his Ad Group. He might even take the next step and create an ad titled “Las Vegas Real Estate” Unfortunately, since the landing page does not contain the words Las Vegas only and not Seattle, keywords will suggest an “insufficient bid” recommending that you spend substantially more to raise money.

3. Copying Your Competitor’s Content. You might wonder why this really matters. After all, if it works for your competitor in personal injury law, for example, then you are sure to make a lot of money using the same business model. However, if your landing page, whether it is the homepage or a deep internal page, can provide your customers with a quality, information rich experience that offers unique content about information law, the nature of your business and the services that you offer, then why would someone contact another personal injury lawyer? They won’t need to!

These 3 steps are not the complete answer to managing pay-per-click campaigns in Google AdWords. However, they will get you started along the path to running successful online advertising campaigns that are relevant to customer needs, use the right keywords and ad text, and offer unique content that creates trust and value.