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In Part I, we introduced you to 3 common mistakes that advertisers make when building pay-per-click landing pages in Google AdWords. Using an ad for “hair loss treatments,” this post discusses an additional 3 mistakes that advertisers may make:

Hair loss Treatment
Fast hair loss treatment.
Free book. 1 Minute hair.

1. Neglecting to Honor the Deals and Offers you Promote.
If your ad claims that customers will receive a free book or sample with any order, then ensure that the landing page provides a picture and description of both the product and special offer. If there are additional shipping charges, then make them clear, visible and transparent.

2. You Forgot to Share Information About Your Business. After you have adjusted your Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign to direct traffic to the best landing page, it becomes the first page and sometimes the only page that your new customers will see. Instantly, the landing page needs to provide important information about your business such as the following: the number of years your company has been in business, locations you ship to, how to contact you, how to order, comments from independent reviewers, your return policy, and why you care.

3. You forgot to provide testimonials. There are over a 1000 companies selling hair loss treatments online; but you have the only product in the world that really works, and you can prove it! To address this website usability or landing page issue, you need testimonials from real people–men, women and people of all ages and professionals– who will attest to the effectiveness of your product. Video ads, before and after pictures, written comments, and product reviews will work together to increase your sales.

If addressed, the solutions to these common mistakes with pay-per-click landing pages in Google AdWords will result in: many happy customers, fewer complaints, improved conversion rates, repeat buyers and increased sales.