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Lots from Google this week with two major announcements, including one on how page load times do affect ranking, and another on how you can now designate images within sitemaps.xml in order to increase indexing of image content.

Additionally we’ve got Apple iAd and what it means for the advertising industry, calculating life time visitor value, calculating the quality of an online form, and human irrationality online. Yes, quite a list this week.

Internet Marketing and SEO
  • Smashing has a great article on the gradual disappearance of Flash, no doubt spurred by the Apple/Adobespat over the role of Flash on Apples mobile devices.
  • Axian has compiled a list of information on ECMA-262-3. What is ECMA-262-3? That’s the scripting language at the core of Javascript, actionscript, and jscript Most of these lead to, who deserves the credit for this.
Web Analytics
Web Usability
  • Not something I would expect from the GA blog, but good none the less, last week they published a guest post on how to measure the quality of an online form. Specifically, this deals with how to calculate the error rate of a form.
  • Out of my Gord has a great post on human irrationality online. In it he talks about how prospect theory, bounded rationality and information asymmetry.
Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • Six Revisions has a guide on how to convince clients to use open platforms. Really its just a check list of why open source options rock, but might give some good notes for some one trying to convince their boss to move to a new platform.



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