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If the lack of articles in my normal circles is any sign of it, last week was a busy week for more than just Cardinal Path. This week we have little to show, but what’s there is quality. We’ve got web browser compatibility tools, P2P search engines, reengaging inactive subscribers, and more.


  • We start the week with the Crazy Egg blog and their post on web browser compatibility tools as used by designers. Post premise: each dev gives their favorites. Surprising lack of agreement among them, though.
  • Next up, Google has a new competitor, but this time it’s… different. Free software activists have released a peer-to-peer search engine called “YaCy” that uses search listings from all of the users to sort and display results.


  • GetElastic has a fantastic post on reengaging inactive subscribers. One of the key take aways comes when they cite a Smart Insights post which notes that talks about companies that made significant revenue off of “inactive” users. These are users that many would tell you to delete from your list.
  • aimClear blog (who I had never heard about before today…) had an amazing post on using the Google site: search to find conversations to comment on in social media. I can not believe that I hadn’t thought about this before, but the use of site: search in social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, could allow you to find conversation that you might not otherwise notice.


  • Facebook is in trouble with the EU over the data they collect from their advertising system. Following on the heels of Google’s changes to information collection in Google Analytics in Germany, the EU privacy commission has decided that Facebook’s information gathering system is problematic.
  • GetElastic has some stats about Cyber Monday which will be useful for any ecommerce sites out there. Given the injuries during Black Friday I can’t blame people for wanting to shop online…