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If you’ve been wondering where BrianK and his series of Google Analytics Tips Tricks and Traps has been, wonder no more! Coming this February we’re launching the newest of our seminar sessions: (REALLY) Understanding Google Analytics, planned and taught by none other than BrianK.

This two seminar session covers a host of Google analytics concepts and issues beginning with understanding the specifics of Google Analytics and how it tracks data (including solutions for  subdomains, cross domain tracking, eCommerce, etc.), and following up with analysis and interpretation.

Instructor: Brian Katz

Location: VKI Studios (Google Map)

REALLY understanding your GA Implementation

When: February 9th (vCal)

What’s covered:

  • What REALLY gets tracked?
  • How do GA accounts and profiles REALLY work?
  • What’s the plan – Implementation Steps and Best Practices
  • Is your tagging working. REALLY?
  • REALLY understanding sub-domains?
  • To cross or not to cross-domains?
  • eCommerce for (non-)eCommerce sites
  • Why is Site Search indispensable and tracking it vital? REALLY

Interpreting Reports – Making the Most of your Metrics
(and other alliteration)

When: February 10th (vCal)

What’s covered:

  • What questions should I be asking and how do I answer them?
  • What do my numbers REALLY mean?
  • What metrics should I be lookin at?
  • What are my KPI’s?
  • What should be my goals? How do I manage funnels?
  • How do I understand traffic sources?
  • How do I segment my visitors?
  • How do I use GA to help me improve my performance?

Each seminar is being sold separately at $375 a pop.

For more information see: (Really) Undertanding Google Analytics