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CampaignAlyzer (created by E-Nor) is a nominee for the 2016 Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence in the New Technology of the Year category.

If you’re wondering what the hue and cry is about, CampaignAlyzer is an easy to use cloud-based application that lets you tag and store Google Analytics campaigns in the cloud, allowing cross collaboration among digital marketers.  Aside from easily creating campaigns for enterprise organizations, it allows you to maintain consistency in tagging nomenclature and avoid errors, resulting in cleaner data in Google Analytics. CampaignAlyzer also shortens your campaign url’s automatically, allows you to annotate your campaigns and easily import your campaigns in bulk. Use CampaignAlyzer to cut your manual tagging time in half.

Not convinced yet? Visit CampaignAlyzer, learn more about it on the Digital Analytics 2016 Nominees page, then vote for us!