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Is there any better example of looking for actionable insight than the prostate exam?

There was a program on one of our local, national, radio stations that dealt with removing the embarrassment of all matters dealing with the back-end and, being involved in anal ytics, felt it my duty to do my bit.

There’s no guarantee that you will find this post entertaining but I can guarantee you that if you …

follow the links to their logical conclusion, it will give you a very nice warm feeling.

Today marks the end of Movember. I took part by growing a MOstache at great cost to my marriage so, firstly, I want to thank my wife for tolerating the frustrating fuzz.

I am blackmailing her to donate to the cause or I will not shave it off.
To see if it worked, you can head over to see if the wife took that bait

For everyone else, however, I’d like you to quit being anal ytical, loosen up and make a donation to a good cause on Brian’s Mo Page.

The Politics of Cancer

Apparently, the most powerful group in this space is the Breast Cancer Group. Let’s face it, they don’t have to do anything weird to raise money for research. But for us men, have to get all fuzzy.
So, the very least we can all do is make my fuzzy sacrifice worthwhile. So please, if you have any self-respect at all, please head on over and make a donation
Giving prostate cancer the finger should give us all a really good, walm, feeling where it matters most. C’mon ladies – this is your chance to support our prostates and fund some research where the sun don’t shine.

Controversies around Brian’s MOstache

Family politics have reached fever pitch. One family member, Mike, bribed me by offering $1/day to a maximum of $100 when learning how much my wife disliked my MOstache. Upon hearing that, his father immediately pledged $100, regardless – what a mensch!. Upon hearing of the first bribe a friend of ours, Rox, pledged $110 if I shaved it off sooner – what an angel!. Is Mike going to limit his donation? Is Brian going to shave his Mo shortly? The outcome of this exciting soap opera will unfold here.

What does Brian’s Mo look like?

My wife’s biggest complaint, apart from it being “pricky” is that its got a lot of grey. I preferred to think of it as salt and pepper but what I think is largely irrelevant. The pic above do far more justice than I deserve. If you want to see what this thing really looks like, you can see it here.

Challenge to the Analytics Community

For those who are either more analytical or web-savvy or just overly privacy-conscious, you may have noticed that all links in this post use short URLs. If you have clicked on a link, you may have realized that they are campaign tagged. But how do we measure the success of the campaign links? No, we don’t have access to’s GA account.

The challenge is not to figure it out. The challenge is to help make the campaign active enough so that the Analysts at get enough traffic via the link that they notice it in their reports! How cool is that?!?

But it’s not enough to just click it. Don’t we want to show how much has been donated through the campaign link? So if you are just curious as to how this works or to help make the campaign link successful, please, click the link and make a donation.

Thanks, you’ll be glad you did.