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Competing at digital is getting harder and more complex. Analyses are often carried out for the sake of it, and with disparate data sources, organizations struggle to turn them into actionable insights. So what is the difference between the high performing organizations who are creating compelling customer experiences, and their less data-driven counterparts? Across the board, we are seeing the same answer: the ability to go beyond measurement, and turn data to insights, and use those insights to drive action.

Organizations with a clear understanding of their data assets continue to demonstrate competitive advantage.  An eConsultancy survey showed that “83% of marketers believe their data-related marketing investments are making a positive impact” (Econsultancy: The Promise of First-Party Data, June 2015). While CxOs still question how to measure the value of the data, there is a realization that competitors are developing data-driven capabilities, and that the opportunity to gain advantage is eroding.  Since data analytics capabilities and technologies are rapidly and constantly evolving, we are experiencing a complex and complicated technological environment, disparate knowledge spread across team, who are in turn creating and using siloed data. In order to manage this, formal data governance is needed.

In order to help organizations establish this solid foundation of formal data governance, Cardinal Path offers an in-depth onsite strategy solution called “Navigator”. Navigator sends Cardinal Path’s senior-most advisors to your organization to help you to assess your current situation, and using a proven strategic framework, design a plan that will put you on the right track to maximizing your digital investment.
Here’s how it works:

  1. We bring together your key stakeholders and functions
  2. We work through your organizational goals, current state, needs, and technological landscape
  3. Develop recommendations and document the technology stack
  4. Categorize, prioritize, and identify dependencies in 6 and 18 month roadmaps

With Navigator’s strategic consultation sessions, you will come away with a clear path to achieving a data-driven marketing success. To learn more about our Navigator solution, download the solution sheet, or contact us.