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Spring like sunny days, followed by snow and wind and hail. What has happened to the city where the weather is always the same? Oh yeah…

This week we have more of my rants about design and usability, PPC hilarity, an awesome screencast of the jCrop plugin, and more!

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  • Good Usability has some good advice for all you webdev’s out there: tell your visitors what your website does. This should really be a no brainer. However, I do think its worth noting that telling someone != telling some one. That is to say, that you can communicate the intent and function of a site through imagery and multimedia just as well as through text or speech. I really recommend more people in the read up on semiotics (and then note that my choice of hyperlinks are utterly horrible signs). Of course I say this, then notice that today Apple has a big block of text telling their users what they’re doing. Guess they’ve been reading Good Usability.
  • Touching on something I don’t think about nearly often enough, Erova discusses how interface design does not equal experience design. As they point out, no matter how great your website is, if you aren’t delivering on the users end, then people aren’t happy. And hence why Comcast does poorly.
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