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At VKI Studios we are very excited about our upcoming attendance and sponsorship of the National Association of Realtors conference in New Orleans (NARdi Gras). What makes this even more exciting for us is the fact that we will be launching and demonstrating our new mobile web sites for realtors and real estate agents.

These new websites will be specifically created and formatted to be displayed on mobile devices such as, cell phones and smart phones, mobile PDAs, Blackberries,…

The benefit for realtors of having a mobile version of their website occurs when a potential buyer is sitting in front of one of your listings, and they want to learn more about it. All they will have to do is navigate to the realtor's website that is posted on their sign, and then they will be automatically directed to the mobile version of their website via a device detection script.

Once on the mobile site the potential buyer will find the realtors contact information, and information on all of the real estate agents listings. They will then navigate to the listing that they are interested in and then follow the link for full property details.

If they are interested in learning more they will be able to contact the agent immediately on their mobile phone.

These new sites will be created so that they are optimized for search engine compatibility, and so that they don't suffer from usability issues that plague most mobile websites.

To learn more about this new service call us today or come visit us during NARdi Gras at booth 2375.