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Luxury on the web

Average E-Retail Growth RatesAccording to a report published in October by, luxury e-retailers are growing considerably faster than other retail web sites in North America and Europe. In the process, they are “creating new pathways to ecommerce growth by booking average orders three times higher than other online merchants, perfecting the digital merchandising of their respected brands, and connecting with their well-heeled shoppers by practicing excellent social networking techniques.”

The report, available for download here, contains a detailed analysis of the annual web sales, growth rates, market shares, orders, conversion rates, and marketing metrics of 74 e-retailers around the globe who dominate the online luxury market.

“The world’s top luxury e-retailers are slightly ahead of the e-commerce industry in e-mail marketing and search strategies, but they are light years ahead with social.”

Discover  interesting insights into this high-growth market, highlighting the biggest and fastest growing luxury websites, profiling customers who buy luxury merchandise online, and emphasizing the importance of data and social media in marketing luxury online.

Read the full report.