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WWDC is on, E3 is coming, its expo time. Expect to see lots of product announcements and breaking product news everywhere but here.

This week we’ve got a blog post SEO checklist, local search ranking factors, GA opt out, and futuristic user interfaces.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • We start the week with Ann Smarty (is that really her name?) on blog post SEO with The Blog Post SEO Checklist.
  • David Mihm has redesigned his site, and has released one of the largest lists of local search ranking factors that I have ever seen. With nearly 70  factors, and PAGES of information, its a humdinger of a post.
  • Ajaxian has a compiled a bunch of videos from Google I/O for web developers.
  • Rant time: What the #%&$ is Apple doing with their “HTML 5 and web standards” page? How on earth do they think that it’s a good idea to have a page about web standards, then make it so that you can’t run their demos on anything but their browser (you can’t even run it on Chrome, which is also webkit based). THIS is the splinternet, the intentional hiding of content from users who don’t use your product.
  Web Analytics
  User Experience
  • John Underkoffler, user interaction designer, was at TED recently and gave a great talk on creating more intuitive interfaces. I think he’s still missing the point a little, as we really need to start thinking about how we can use our current two dimensional interfaces before we start thinking about moving everything into 3d. Still, good ideas in action.
  • ForumOne is continuing their design principles series, and this week the topic is Proximity.
  Miscellaneous links of the week: