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International SEO Course with Dave Booth has launched the latest session by Cardinal Path co-founder and senior partner, David Booth.

International SEO Fundamentals is a 2-hour session that  helps to attract international visitors to your websites by developing and implementing a successful strategy for international SEO, increasingly important for globalized markets.

David reviews global and regional aspects of how to determine target markets and optimize your website for different countries and languages. He explains the technical elements of international SEO, including how search engines handle multilingual and multiregional content, and which methods to use to let search engines know just whom you’re targeting. Viewers then explore international content strategy and crucial on-page elements and optimization strategies.

Learn how to perform keyword research—taking into account cultural considerations and local competition- and explore such off-site factors as social sharing and link building. The session also shows how to measure results via a number of SEO-specific tools, as well as Google Analytics.

Topics Include:

  • Optimizing websites for different countries and languages
  • Determining target global markets
  • Handling the technical aspects of international SEO
  • Localizing content
  • Researching international keywords
  • Building a global reputation and authority
  • Measuring international SEO results
Dave Booth, Cardinal Path
Dave Booth, Cardinal Path


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