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Last roundup of November, eh? And with warm (aka. above zero) and unthreatening weather back, the internet seems to be alive and kicking with posts from every which corner of the ideaspace. This week we’ve got international SEO, CSS positioning, proper image formatting, creating a movement, and more.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • I don’t know how much I agree with what Six Revisions here. They are claiming that .png’s are always smaller, and I’ve found the reverse to be true. While png’s have advantages at certain stages, for low color images I’ve found gif’s are frequently smaller in size.
  • A little old, but crucial for anyone working with CSS: Six Revisions on CSS positioning.
  Web Analytics
  User Experience
  • Unbounce does landing pages, so it’s no surprise that they’ve listed 10 great examples of landing pages.
  • We don’t usually think of the Titanic as a User Experience mistake. An engineering mistake, a mistake of hubris, but not user experience. Except, that is exactly what it was. When told to steer away from the iceberg, Robert Hitchens, confused by the reversal of the steering column in the migration from sail ships to steam ships, instead steered into it.
  Miscellaneous links of the week:
  • With the success of the Tea Party at ousting democratic senators and congressmen, David Armano asks “what does it take to create a movement?”
  • Rosser Reeves makes a good point about advertising: focus. Great ads are based around simple messages that get expressed by each component of the message.


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