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For full details, read the official Google Case study here. Also, read the official
Google Analytics blog post here.

E-Nor is extremely proud to share with you how we helped one of our clients, The American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX, a top 50 Internet Retailer and #1 specialty company for 2015), increase their email conversion rates by a whopping 62% and reduced their cost per acquisition by 20%! We accomplished this by helping them integrate Google Analytics Premium with Google BigQuery.

APMEX had a wealth of digital online data as well as other customer data. Their challenge was how to stitch all of these disparate data sources and effectively analyze them all together to gain actionable insights and to personalize on-site experiences. Our solution was to upgrade them to the premium version of Google Analytics which integrates with and automatically exports to Google BigQuery – a platform that allows you to run fast, SQL-like queries against multi-terabyte datasets in seconds. The solution also allowed APMEX to use CRM and online behavioral data for predictive modeling and retargeting.

It couldn’t have been said better than this quote from Andrew Duffle, Director FP&A, Analytics & Optimization, APMEX:
“We have found BigQuery data to be immediately actionable. It focuses our marketing efforts, personalizes our on-site experiences, and improves the effectiveness of our sales department. When used in conjunction with our current data systems, there is seemingly no question about our customers that cannot be answered. It’s that powerful.”

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