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If I had a dollar for every great quote that came from a Kevin Costner movie I would have….a dollar. When I talk about this quote for SEO purposes, I’m talking about building out the content on your website.
Many site owners make the mistake of letting their website sit unchanged and collect dust while they wait for their link campaign to start driving traffic. Don’t let this happen to you and start writing pages that your visitors will find useful.

By regularly adding content, you are giving your visitors a wider range of information to choose from. This can help you retain the people that do come to the site and make it less likely they will leave to find another resource on the subject. Show people that you’re an authority in the area. Provide quality content to your consumers and you should see them returning more often.

Is what’s good for the visitor also good for the search engines? In this case the answer is definitely yes. Google and Yahoo will eat up this new content and spit you out some long tailed results while they’re at it. One of the best reasons for building out content is that you can start ranking for plenty of small keyword phrases. Use article writing as an opportunity to target smaller terms and expand the reach of your site. It is important to remember that long tail terms can represent a large portion of your traffic.

Building out articles on a monthly basis may take time but the end result will be well worth it. Great quality content will allow you to generate more traffic and keep visitors coming back for more.