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As I sit in my candlelit room, quill in hand, ink pot balanced precariously on the verve of my old oak bureau, my thoughts start to crystallize. Though the plethora of notions are not all worthy of being shared or suitable for airing in a public forum, some are indeed of some sort of value. Thus, every now and then,when those rare moments of inspiration occur, pen meets the parchment in what I hope to be a written offering which conveys my thoughts and enlightens someone, somewhere, somehow.

Having worked in academia and the corporate world, it strikes me that, whatever profession one chooses, there will always be elements that cause ire and inspire a lack of satisfaction. With websites, it is a combination of bad usability, clumsy design and pedestrian copywriting that troubles me.

Realistically, no website is destined to achieve perfection; what is painfully obvious, however, is that some companies/website proprietors appreciate the need for quality as a means to success.

Converting visitors to paying customers can be as much about the usability, design, feel and user experience delivered by your online destination as it is about their overall desire to make a necessary purchase. Put simply, to satisfy, impress and entice visitors, your website should deliver well in certain areas:

  • Design
  • Usability
  • Copywriting
  • User Experience

It is a proven fact that a satisfied customer will pass the word on about a good user experience and thus, the benefits of keeping your website healthy are like a giraffe wearing sunglasses and trying to get into a 'polar bears only' golf club… patently obvious.