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Christmas is coming and the VKI blog is going on hiatus. We will still have a few posts here and there (I am sure Michael will keep posting) but post count will be down, as our staff will be away.

This week, however, we have a plethora of posts on everything from Adwords quality score to human irrationality to 3D engines made in HTML5.

  Internet Marketing and SEO
  • We start the week with ClickEquations and 11 questions about quality score.
  • Next up, Michael Gray has an explanation of “Evergreen Content“. Not sure exactly how this differs from “content”… but I suppose we need a cute name for anything.
  Web Analytics
  • Avinash has three more advanced segments for analyzing your site. He starts with a neat idea: ignore failures, focus on successes. Look at what people who are visiting your site are doing, then see how you can convince others to do that.
  User Experience
  Miscellaneous links of the week:



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