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The half-life of a Tweet is extremely short (estimated by some to be as little as four minutes).  We usually worry about this as content creators wondering how long our message  will be visible to our readers, but it can be a problem on the consumer side as well.  Many times I’ve wanted to reference a particular tweet that I vaguely remember reading a while back that has long since scrolled off my screen into relative obscurity.

Most Twitter clients don’t easily offer this type of focused search and the Advanced Search on Twitter is highly unreliable and limited to very recent tweets (in other words, not much better than CTRL+F on the profile page!)  However, we can easily accomplish a search that is restricted to a particular user or set of users via a simple method and the fact that Google *does* have a long memory.

To take advantage of the power of a Google search focused on a single Twitter account, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the user’s twitter profile and copy the address.
    For example:
  2. Do a Google search using the SITE: operator in this format:
    {keyword} SITE:{twitter profile address without the http}

Which would look something like this:

How do I search a specific user's twitter profile?

Happy searching!