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At the Omniture Summit in Salt Lake City last week, Zaaz was one of the Gold Level sponsors and the sponsor of the networking lunch.

They are really thinking ahead (and having fun) with their website. At a time when the employment market place has more demand than supply for talented internet marketing people, they have gotten very creative with their recruiting.

Zaaz figures that if someone from a competing firm is visiting their site that they must be looking for a job, so they redirect the visit from their home page to their careers section.

They do this by identifying the IP addresses of the offices of their top 50 competitors and then redirect the visit if it comes from one of those addresses.

So, if you are wondering if Zaaz considers you to be one of their top 50 competitors, try visiting their site from your office to see if you go to their home page or their careers page.

I think this is an incredibly clever way to recruit top talent for your firm and take it away from your competitors.