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Chrome User Management

If you’re anything like me, you need access to multiple different accounts across multiple different services.  Granted using whatever services inherent user access system is ideal however it’s not always something you can control.  I also, like many consultants, have a personal “experimentation” account where I can try and test my crazy ideas without having any sort of impact on something Cardinal Path is working on.

Juggling these accounts can become tedious and if you need access to both at the same time you’re doing the session state shuffle.  Sure you can open up multiple different browser programs such as Firefox, Safari, or in desperate times Internet Explorer to log into multiple accounts simultaneously but Chrome has an option that will make your life much easier.

First, in the menu located at the top right of Chrome, open your settings page.

Chrome settings

Scroll down to where you see “Users”.  Click “Add a new user…”

Add Chrome User

Choose an icon and a name for that user.

Chrome User Management

A new Chrome window will open up and you will now see the icon you chose at the top left of your window.  This will indicate to you which user the window is going forward.  Log in to whatever Google account you would like to make this for and voila!

Log in Chrome

You now have multiple user accounts in Chrome.  Now you can use Chrome to be logged into multiple accounts across any services such as Google Tag Manager, AdWords, Analytics, or even external services such as Klipfolio, Coremetrics, or Adobe Analytics.

Each window with a different icon is treated as a different session and nothing will be shared between the windows.  To open a new window for a different user simply click on the icon at the top left.  One last thing, Chrome extensions are user based so you will have to install or enable extensions for each user you feel is applicable.  Enjoy!